Grußbotschaft von Myriam Farid

Eine Grußbotschaft von unserer Artist in residence MYRIAM FARID


Dear members of the Johannes- Wasmuth-Gesellschaft.

As most of you know, I have been staying as the Artist in Residence here in Rolandseck since last April 2014.

I had the great pleasure of inviting some of the members in this great place, same time last year already.

The role of an Artist in Residence is to fulfill and continue the work, to bring enlightenment and new ideas on what is required of you in an inspirational environment …

I had the honour of being in touch and work with Madame Martha Argerich ( who is very fond of the Wasmuth Gesellschaft), and Maestro Barenboim, when I toured with the West-Divan-Orchestra last summer.

The bond is there , the communication is establish among these great artists and the legacy is beyond our expectations, because all of you, this is happening.

Herr Schreiber is the manager of the artists,and of the process of the events.

I met him because of Argerich’s nice and warmth words towards him.

I entitled this letter “Opportunity”,

To have the unique chance of meeting the greatests, and possibly work with them.

I am also asking to all of you members, if I you need any suggestions or would like to have music lessons, for you , or your children or your grandchildren, I would be very content with my special skills to serve you 🙂

I thank you in advance and I am looking to meet you in the next concert event, on the 14th of May 2015.

Best regards,

Myriam Farid.